Corporate Social Responsibility: Design and Implementation Services

For leaders in the business community who are interested in learning more about ways to mobilize their company’s energies and core business focus to take action on some of the most significant problems of our day, our team generates innovative opportunities for companies to engage in customized programs for effective and meaningful impact. We build CSR programs by leveraging company interests and strengths to apply to combatting human trafficking, promoting social enterprise and economic empowerment for women and addressing other emerging human rights issues. We support companies and their employees by designing global, regional and community-based CSR strategies and work with companies and employee participation to implement these programs to have maximum positive and enduring results.

The expertise and experience of our professionals enables us to tailor initiatives to your specific business and business sector. Our international network of issue experts and organizational partners helps us to offer an expansive array of potential CSR programs in regions around the world.

We find opportunities to leverage a company’s specific professional strengths and to build partnerships to maximize positive impact. We take pride in finding ways to engage the interests and skills of the talented people in your company in innovative ways to combat trafficking.

Our services include:

  • Issue Expertise
  • State-of-the-Art Research and Analysis
  • Strategy Design
  • Expert Professional Consulting
  • Project Management and Guidance
  • Public/Private Partnership Facilitation
  • Strategic Partnership Development and Vetting
  • Communications
  • Performance Impact Monitoring and Evaluation

We believe that you will find that the initiatives that result from our work with your company will contribute in meaningful ways to local communities and beyond on these important issues and are smart business as well.


Law Firm Pro Bono Programs

If you are an attorney interested in learning about opportunities available for law firm or in-house counsel pro bono programs to engage lawyers on human trafficking issues including:

  • legal research
  • representation of trafficking victims
  • international rule of law reform on human trafficking legislation
  • supporting social enterprise efforts of NGOs and victims of trafficking

Please contact us for more information at This initiative is guided by experienced lawyers at the NEXUS Institute ( This work is supported by the U.S. State Department. Lawyers and staff from several of the world’s largest law firms are already participating in this pro bono initiative in a number of countries.


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