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The Warnath Group is a premiere provider of advisory services and training on combating human trafficking to governments around the world. Our training and advisory services are recognized as the highest quality and most results-oriented available based upon unmatched expertise and insights of those who have pioneered the development of the laws, policies and best practices addressing modern slavery in the U.S. and internationally since the 1990’s.  We have consulted with government leaders — including Prime Ministers, Ministers of Justice and other Heads of Ministries, Parliamentarians, and other high-ranking officials – to discuss the range of human trafficking law and policy issues in a broad range of country contexts. As a result, the United States Government turns to the Warnath Group as its primary US-based provider of international customized skill-based training and to advise governments in their work against human trafficking.

Advising Government Leaders

Legislation and Policy

The Warnath Group consults with leaders in Legislative bodies and Executive branches of governments around the world to strengthen their countries’ national and transnational anti-trafficking work.

For governments considering updating or modifying their laws or policies on human trafficking, the Warnath Group offers in-depth consultative advice, legislative drafting assistance , and policy impact assessments. Warnath Group consultation includes not only amendments or modifications to existing drafts, but also (on request) drafting of new legislative or policy proposals, as well as in-depth discussions with government parties and stakeholders of the reasons for, and implications of, the proposed changes. These discussions have had positive impacts on government anti-trafficking efforts around the globe. In addition to our experience working on legislation in the United States, the European Union and the countries of South East Europe, we have helped advise on the content of legislation in countries as diverse as Turkey, Haiti, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and elsewhere. The impact of our work is reflected in the results: Parliaments and legislatures around the world have  strengthened their anti-trafficking laws based upon analysis, recommendations and collaborative work with the Warnath Group.

Tier Rankings and Consultations to Develop Country Human Trafficking Responses

The Warnath Group helps country leaders who want to better understand the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report assessments and develop and implement comprehensive strategic anti-trafficking plans in ways designed to more effectively address human trafficking responses  with the aim of  seeking to improve a country’s potential tier ranking assessments.

Ensuring the Success of International Dialogue Meetings

The Warnath Group helps organize and facilitate substantive bilateral and multi-lateral meetings and dialogues that foster discussions by countries of issues and working cooperatively against human trafficking. Warnath Group experts utilize their extensive experience working with leaders of inter-governmental and regional bodies such as the UN, OSCE, ASEAN, COMMIT, the former Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe and similar entities to help ensure effective and productive substantive meetings. We also have experience with development of agendas, identification and contact of experts, preparation of substantive background material, media releases, conference reporting and drafting of statements, remarks and testimony by government leaders or organizations convening high-level gatherings and events.

Technical Assistance and Support for Local Officials and Inter-Agency Task Forces in the United States

Utilizing our anti-trafficking experience as former government officials, federal prosecutors and leaders of complex inter-agency responses and action committees on policy and standards development, investigation and prosecution and services on human trafficking, we offer strategic and operational guidance to State and local officials as well as anti-trafficking task forces to maximize their coordinated responses to trafficking in persons in communities across the United States. WG Expert Teams, led by Stephen Warnath, co-author of the guidebook 50 Ways Local Government Officials Can Confront Human Trafficking in Their Communities (2008) and author of Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking in the OSCE Area: Coordination and Reporting Mechanisms: 2008 Annual Report of the OSCE Special Representative and Coordinator for Trafficking Human Beings (2008), can help local inter-agency task forces strengthen and coordinate identification, prevention and law enforcement and community awareness and response to produce tangible results based upon local context and resources.

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