Philanthropy and Impact Investment Advising

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The Warnath Group advises management teams on social impact investing and philanthropic giving regarding initiatives focused on ending modern slavery and addressing root causes that contribute to its persistent presence in many of our communities, with an emphasis on social enterprise and women’s economic participation. We have worked with and advised some of the largest investors active in the field of combating human trafficking – including new philanthropy arising from success of individuals and companies in the tech sector — in the strategy and design of their engagements. Our services include:

  • Expert-Based Strategic Planning Services
  • Strategy Implementation and Support
  • Identification, Vetting/Assessment, and Connecting with Potential Local Partners
  • Building/Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships
  • Impact-Based Performance Monitoring & Evaluation – Meaningful Results Metrics
  • Substance-Based Communications Services
  • Media Strategy for Issue Awareness (Traditional and Digital)

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