The Warnath Group recommends NEXUS report highlighting the need for more research on the “other side” of human trafficking.

To date, little published empirically-based research exists on traffickers. The behaviors, motivations, and operations of the perpetrators of human trafficking are critical elements to our understanding of the nature of the crime and would greatly inform and improve criminal justice and social welfare responses to the crime of human trafficking.  Traffickers and trafficking:  Challenges in researching human traffickers and trafficking operations explores the major “fault line” of the nearly exclusive reliance on victim-centric data gathering and analysis of human trafficking. It illuminates the necessity for acquiring more comprehensive information — not based solely upon victims’ recounting their experiences — about those who commit the crime and their operations and to subject that data to the most rigorous and modern techniques of data analysis available in order to more effectively combat the crime.

The NEXUS Institute’s report considers why the scholarship of trafficking tends to center on the victim’s experience of the crime, what the anti-human trafficking community can and cannot learn from victims, and how this has shaped and limited the nature of policy and criminal justice interventions.

Traffickers and trafficking was authored by NEXUS Institute Senior Researcher Rebecca Surtees, published jointly with the International Organization for Migration, and was financed by the U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Human Trafficking (J/TIP).

The Warnath Group recommends that government officials, and especially a country’s criminal justice system professionals who have participated in our trainings or technical assistance and are responsible for data collection, data analysis or data management on the crime of human trafficking, review this report.

The NEXUS Institute is the first think tank addressing human trafficking and issues related to modern slavery and other emerging human rights issues for the purpose of improving laws, policies and practices.  A copy of the report can be downloaded from The NEXUS Institute’s website, here.

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