It is with a robust National Referral Mechanism, established and implemented by a country’s government at all levels and with its civil society partners, that the rights of trafficking victims are best and most effectively protected. 

Government officials and other stakeholders charged with assessing the viability of a National Referral Mechanism in their individual country or who are overseeing the creation or amendment of a National Referral Mechanism will benefit from the Warnath Group’s Practice Guide “Identifying, Referring and Assisting Trafficking Victims. An Overview of National Referral Mechanisms.”  The guide begins with a description of a National Referral Mechanism (NRM) and then outlines the key features of an effective NRM as well as the criteria to guide its design. Additional reference materials are also included for more detailed information on specific subjects and issues in relation to NRMs.

This Practice Guide is available in English by clicking the button below, in Bahasa Indonesia by clicking here, in French by clicking here, or in Spanish by clicking here.


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