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News and Events

The Warnath Group continues Technical Assistance with Government of Djibouti Officials

October 31, 2017

Following the ratification of Law No. 133/SB/16/7 L Relating to the Fight Against Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants in March 2016, Warnath Group experts Steve Harvey and Al Moskowitz were invited to meet with high level justice officials in October 2016 to discuss possible amendments to the new law. The Warnath Group’s experts and officials discussed the law’s impact on investigations and prosecutions of trafficking cases and the difficulties practitioners are experiencing.  Aspects of the law that could be further strengthened to ensure ease of implementation, and compliance with the Palermo Protocol were also...[more]


Practice Guide: Collecting Criminal Justice Data on Human Trafficking for Law Enforcement

December 13, 2018

Law enforcement personnel are often tasked with data collection in human trafficking cases.  The Warnath Group’s “Collecting Criminal Justice Data on HumanTrafficking: Practice Guide for Law Enforcement” provides guidance for law enforcement who do not yet have a standardized or sufficient data collection tool or system in place to acquire, record, track and report information on human trafficking.  Law enforcement personnel can use this Practice Guide to develop a preliminary system to collect criminal justice data on human trafficking. YOU MAY ACCESS THIS PRACTICE GUIDE BY CLICKING...[more]

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