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The Warnath Group is a unique boutique global advisory firm.  We offer a suite of specialist services centering on training and advisory services on human trafficking as modern slavery and forced labor, international women’s economic empowerment and emerging human rights and rule of law issues.

01. Strategic

We are a firm of professionals with deeply rooted experience in the law, policy and practice of addressing modern slavery, human trafficking and related issues, enabling us to help your company or organization strategically meet a variety of compliance requirements and your CSR objectives associated with these issues.

02. Bespoke

Our specialized advising and training services that are tailored to fit each client’s needs.  Our model is based on the belief that each client – whether in the private sector, government, or a civil society organization – faces unique challenges and has discrete goals.  Our customized services will most effectively help you achieve your unique goals.

03. Global

We advise leaders in the public and private sectors in the United States and around the world by providing smart, innovative and effective design and solutions to these complex issues.  Our high-level specialized experience addressing these issues in regions and countries worldwide is unsurpassed.

Our Services


We can help you successfully navigate the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, and other related issues through our tailored, concrete, practical solutions that will advance your company’s business objectives.  Some businesses find the new terrain unfamiliar and the path through it unclear.  Our experts’ deep knowledge and experience will give you the confidence of achieving firm footing in addressing these issues.

Governments & civil society

We provide customized training, advisory services, and technical support on human trafficking, human rights and rule of law issues to strengthen national anti-trafficking program planning, capacity and skill development of government leaders, officials, and stakeholders.  Importantly, we are a trusted facilitator of public/private partnerships and collaborations between government and civil society actors aimed at promoting and achieving shared objectives.

foundations & investors in positive change

We provide consulting services to guide charitable and impact investment to maximize impact for positive change and results.  We support foundations and impact investment firms considering investing in human trafficking initiatives, evaluations of program impact and effectiveness, advising on project design, and facilitating public-private partnerships.


our team

From our founding by Stephen Warnath – a lawyer and former White House staffer who held the first high-level United States government position, created in the late 1990’s, dedicated solely to the creation and development of U.S. and international law and policy of human trafficking – the Warnath Group has grown to over twenty-five professionals working in the United States and internationally united by their unmatched professional experience in analyzing, consulting and training on law, policy and programmatic engagement on human trafficking and related issues.  Mr. Warnath’s leadership and insight based upon a unique background that includes over two decades of dedicated work at the highest levels on the development, interpretation, and application of the law and policy of modern slavery, migration, rule of law and rights distinguishes all of our work with clients in meaningful ways.

The Warnath Group team includes a number of experts on modern slavery with approximately twenty years or more of specialized experience as former high-level government officials who served at the forefront of the development of law and policy on these and related issues.  Our experts include former State Department officials, law professors, private attorneys, former State Attorneys General (with experience addressing human trafficking and victims of crime issues), judges, former federal prosecutors, investigators, as well as CSR advisors and leading advisors and trainers in the field of service provision for victims of human trafficking.

The expertise of our professionals is internationally recognized.  We are the State Department’s leading US-based provider of global tailored, skill-based training and advisory services to governments and professionals worldwide on human trafficking-related laws, standards, and best practices.  Because our team includes experts who participated in the development and negotiation of the Palermo Protocol (the first instrument of international law and cooperation on human trafficking as contemporary slavery) and the original U.S. anti-trafficking law and policies, as well as other international and U.S. legal and policy instruments, we have continued to be relied upon as a primary source for drafting, interpretation, and application of human trafficking laws & policies around the world.

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