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"some companies find the growing compliance requirements associated with modern slavery in supply chains confusing. our experts' decades of professional experience dedicated to addressing these issues can bring clarity to the uncertainties that companies face responding to these complex issues while achieving company objectives."

– Stephen Warnath, CEO & President

Compliance & Due Diligence

The Warnath Group can help you successfully navigate the evolving statutory and regulatory landscape surrounding modern slavery, human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, and other related issues through our tailored, concrete, practical solutions that will advance your company’s business objectives while giving you confidence that your business practices are in line with US and international standards.

We can help your company comply with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, the UK Modern Slavery Act and other supply chain transparency or due diligence requirements in supply chains such as the Tariff Act and Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act responsibilities, as well as the broad anti-trafficking Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements for Federal Contractors.

Below are examples of the customized services we offer.

risk assessments

We can identify risk in your supply chain, including any employment recruiter issues, and help your company avoid and prevent human trafficking. Our diagnostics and research will elevate the quality of your current due diligence and audit efforts by providing you with understanding and insights produced through the lens of specialized analytical expertise that standard audits and legal risk analysis can miss.

Training programs to support understanding & compliance

Our state-of-the-art trainings simplify these complex topics.  Our trainers have unmatched professional experience working with the legal, policy, and practical issues of human trafficking.  We train company management, legal counsel, employees, suppliers, and subcontractors to understand, recognize, and appropriately addressing human trafficking and child labor.  We offer general introductory training to reach employees broadly across a company.  We also feature customized trainings to suit company requests and needs and heighten attainment of company objectives.  By tailoring training content to be relevant to the specific roles and responsibilities within each company context, business sector, and supply chain we are able to maximize understanding and impact.  We offer trainings that can be provided conveniently on-site or online to scale access throughout your company.

Our trainings are recognized as world-class.  The Warnath Group is the Department of State’s leading US-based provider of tailored skill-based global training and advisory services to governments and professionals worldwide equipping them with the understanding and tools to successfully implement and comply with human trafficking laws by sharing essential insights into the broader international and domestic legal and social context which guide accepted best practices.  

Strategic advisory services

Our experts can provide solutions-based consultations on a wide range of issues confronting companies including the following:


Reports and Policy Documents

We can help your company draft required disclosures associated with the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act, the UK Modern Slavery Act, as well as updating employee and supplier Codes of Conduct to align with new modern slavery and human trafficking requirements.   We can work with you to draft corporate policies and Codes of Conduct provisions that match your goals for preventing and addressing labor exploitation in supply chains and support long-term business success.


Corporate social responsibility design & Implementation

We offer services to design corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, including employee and client engagement initiatives and facilitating public/private partnerships, to engage positively on these issues.  We will work with you to find the right opportunities for your company.  For more information on our CSR design and implementation services, please click the button below.



In the event that human trafficking or child labor is discovered in activities by subcontractors, third-party labor recruiters, or elsewhere in your supply chain, we can help find appropriate solutions and devise practical strategies to prevent the risk of reoccurrence.

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