Continuing the Child Protection Compact’s productive multi-year partnership in Jamaica, the U.S. State Department, Jamaica’s Victim Services Division (VSD) of the Ministry of Justice and the Warnath Group have established a new child-friendly space in Port Antonio, Portland Jamaica. In their remarks at the launch on January 26, 2023, Ambassador N. Nick Perry, and Justice Minister Delroy Chuck shared a clear message of commitment to the well-being of child trafficking victims and victims of other crimes.

Victim Services Division provides therapeutic interventions for crime victims, including supporting them, identifying their needs, and optimizing their participation in the justice system.

This child-friendly space is designed to help child victims feel safe, calm, and comfortable while they are interacting with Victim Services Division specialists. In addition to working with Victim Services Division on the physical space, Warnath Group has also provided training and technical assistance on identifying and assisting child trafficking victims.

The development of child-friendly spaces is an important component of Warnath Group’s program under the U.S.-Jamaica Child Protection Compact, an initiative of both governments to address child trafficking in Jamaica. Through the program, the Warnath Group offers various forms of training and technical assistance opportunities for Government of Jamaica organizations.

Warnath Group would like to thank the Victim Services Division, Ministry of Justice of Jamaica, and the U.S. Department of State for the partnership that made this child-friendly space a reality.

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