On July 8, Warnath Group conducted a foundational training with the Local Subsystem of Protection (SSLP), a multi-disicplinary team (MDT) in Carrillo, Guanacaste on understanding child trafficking, how trafficking in persons occurs in Costa Rica, and dispelling myths and misconceptions about child trafficking. This training also explained the five steps of victim protection and the role of SSLPs at each of these steps. Of particular focus in the training was building capacity in the preliminary identification and referral of child and adolescent trafficking victims by community-level practitioners (teachers, health workers, social workers, police, prosecutors, NGOs). This work with MDTs in Guanacaste is ongoing and will expand over the course of the IACT Program.

This foundational training was attended by practitioners from various institutions and organizations, including the Administrative Police, local high school, Carrillo Child Protection Board, Costa Rican Fund of Social Security (CCSS), NGO Growing Together Association, the Joint Institute of Social Assistance (IMAS), the National Learning Institute (INA), the National Women’s Institute (INAMU), local government, Ministry of Public Education (MEP), Ministry of Public Health (MSP), Municipality of Carrillow, the National Child Welfare Agency (PANI), Professional Migration Police, and Red Cross.

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