Warnath Group is proud to have partnered with the U.S. and Jamaican governments on the establishment of a child-friendly space at the police station in Falmouth, Jamaica.

This child-friendly space is an important component of Warnath Group’s program under the U.S.-Jamaica Child Protection Compact, an initiative of both governments to address child trafficking in Jamaica.

This space provides a safe, calm and comfortable environment where children can interact with law enforcement and service providers after a crime occurs. As Senior Superintendent of Police Charmaine Shand said at the launch event on March 4, 2022, it is a “one-stop-shop” where a child will be “taken care of” after a crime.

Senior Counselor Alex Sokoloff of the US Embassy stated that the child-friendly space will endure as a longstanding resource for the community and this is a model of true partnership that would not have happened without Jamaican leadership. He noted that the child-friendly space can be replicated throughout the country.

Warnath Group would like to thank the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Ministry of National Security, NATFATIP, ONRTIP, and the US State Department for the partnership that made this child-friendly space a reality.

For more information on child-friendly spaces and Warnath Group’s approach, please visit:
www.childfriendlyspaces.com or contact info@warnathgroup.com.

Video Tour of the Falmouth Child-Friendly Space at the Launch, courtesy of the JCF-CCU.

Click through to see each photo in the gallery, and to read the captions.

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