Warnath Group’s Amy Rofman (L) and Aylair Livingstone (R) with US Ambassador to Jamaica N. Nick Perry transfer state-of-the-art recording equipment to INDECOM Commissioner Hugh Faulkner (second from left).

Under the US-Jamaica Child Protection Compact, INDECOM’s Commissioner Hugh Faulkner partnered with Warnath Group to design a tailored training and technical assistance program for INDECOM officers. The program included in-depth training on investigating child trafficking and assistance in the creation of child-friendly spaces at INDECOM’s Kingston and Montego Bay offices. The spaces are designed to help children feel calm and safe while interacting with INDECOM professionals, such as being interviewed and referred for further assistance. In addition, they provide a high-tech environment for officers to achieve best evidence in their investigations and apply the skills learned in Warnath Group training.

For more information on child-friendly spaces and Warnath Group’s approach, please visit:
www.childfriendlyspaces.com or contact info@warnathgroup.com.

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