In a high-level ceremony in Port Antonio, Jamaica on January 26th, the Warnath Group launched a new online course- “Identifying and Interacting with Child Trafficking Victims”- which will be hosted and offered by the Jamaican Ministry of Justice’s training arm, the Justice Training Institute (JTI), ensuring the sustainability and longstanding impact of the U.S. – Jamaica Child Protection Compact.  Now, any Jamaican public servant, NGO staffer or volunteer working with vulnerable children can receive a strong foundational training on identifying and interacting with child victims. This course is on-demand, interactive and engaging, and is intended to reach as many types of learners as possible.  Numerous Jamaican and international experts are featured and participated in the creation of this course, which was designed specifically to address and support Jamaica’s unique needs in addressing child trafficking.  Participants receive a certificate from JTI upon successful completion of the course. For more information, please watch the video below. To sign up for the course visit:

Warnath Group would like to thank the Justice Training Institute, Ministry of Justice of Jamaica, and the U.S. Department of State for the partnership that made this course a reality.

Tweet from U.S. Department of State from January 23, 2023 about Warnath Group’s lasting impact.


Click to learn more about the Warnath Group and Justice Training Institute, Ministry of Justice of Jamaica’s new on-demand course.

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