Site of future child-friendly space in Falmouth, Jamaica.


The Warnath Group is honored to be implementing partner of the Child Protection Compact signed by the Government of Jamaica and the United States Government in 2018.  Together we are working to build on Jamaica’s significant work to protect children and address child trafficking in Jamaica and beyond.

Collaborating closely with key Jamaican anti-trafficking counterparts, Warnath Group’s engagement emphasizes practice-based, results-oriented, collaborative training and technical assistance that are responsive to Jamaica’s priorities and rooted in the Jamaican context.

Highlights of our ongoing, multi-year program include:

  • Workshops in collaboration with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Workshops for Justices and Judges in partnership with Jamaica’s Judicial Education Institute
  • Online training for Police on identifying child trafficking
  • Partnership with the Office of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons and Jamaica’s National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons
  • Development of online asynchronous learning course with the Jamaica’s Justice Training Institute
  • Collaborating with the Government of Jamaica to develop child-friendly spaces in police stations

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Warnath Group specializes in interactive, engaging workshops, such as this one for Jamaican stakeholders held in 2019.

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